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Why Join SAiCS?

Chantel Calitz

In 2017 I was at home with my 3 kids when I realized I need an extra income asap. After some research, I knew SAiCS was the best opportunity for me. In only 6 months I was an Independent Distributor with my own dynamic team!

Now I am a financially free, successful business Mom!

Divan Badenhorst

I went from selling stuff next to the road and at various locations and communities, and having jobs where I had to work from 8-5 to trymake ends meet, to a place where I found my destiny and niche, SAiCS.

I believe that this is mydestiny, a place where I belong and can achieve goals that is not limited by anyone!

Erika Ellis

SAiCS has given me so much more than just the opportunity to be financially independent, I had the opportunity to change people's lives.

I am a proud ambassador for natural Slimming, Lifestyle and Cosmetic products that made a huge difference and impact in my life.

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